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A Red Empire Productions & SoundVision GC original, produced in association with Organic Media Group.


Less than twenty four hours after hacking into the online military server of the Australian Defense Force, the socially abstinent and technologically reckless Wyatt Hockings is kidnapped and coerced into competing in the Circuit Games; a fast-paced, underground, Esports warfare competition utilizing futuristic technology created by his kidnappers; the beautiful and fiercely intelligent Frey and Jasper--a man dangerously trained in combat and weaponry.

A taste of glory leaves Wyatt desperate to ascend the ranks of competition and become the Circuit’s reigning Champion, however interference from a clandestine organization along with sabotage à la Tempest—the ruthless and undefeated queen of the Circuit, places Wyatt in a dangerous and volatile position and he struggles to ignore his instincts as the mystery surrounding the Interface technology deepens beyond competitive gaming.

Narration by Ellie Popov & Charles Jazz Terrier.

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