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An exciting mix of “The Matrix”, “Blade Runner” and “Mr Robot”,

Interface explores themes of ambition, controversial technology and gaming warfare,

becoming an unapologetic journey to answer the ultimate question:

Just because we can... does that mean we should?


A socially awkward tech wizard, Wyatt works in the software security department of an insurance company where he is actively taunted and ignored.


Preferring to spend his time hacking into places he doesn’t belong, an e-intrusion leads to his kidnap and Wyatt is coerced into competing in the Circuit Games, a fast-paced underground gaming competition utilizing futuristic technology created by his kidnappers; the beautiful and fiercely intelligent Frey and Jasper, a man dangerously trained in combat and weaponry.

A taste of glory leaves Wyatt desperate to climb the ranks of the Circuit Games and win the ultimate title, however, interference from a mysterious organization along with the Circuit Game’s previous Champion Tempest, who is prepared to do whatever it takes to retain her undefeated title, places Wyatt in a dangerous and volatile position and he struggles to ignore his instincts as the mystery surrounding the Interface technology deepens beyond competitive gaming.

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