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Brisbane based producer shares her tips for braking into the film industry.
Variety Magazine:
Taiwan-Australia Sci-fi Series ‘Interface’ Secures Sonar Entertainment as Distributor
Amie Casey Interfacing With the Indie Industry.
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 Variety Magazine
WTFitness’ is proposed to be a series with eight half-hour episodes that boasts an ensemble cast including Terrier, Christopher Kirby, Kat Stewart, Jonny Brugh and Trevor Jamieson.
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Channel 7 News:
Ellie's interview on the gold coast film industry. 

Amie Casey Red Empire Productions Interview
Digital Media World:
Aussie comedy Stage Mums is back for a third season, bigger and better than before!
Film Ink
Stage Mums' Gets a Good Look with URSA Mini 4.6K and DaVinci Resolve
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