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Established in 2017 by Producer Amie Casey, Red Empire Productions has branches in Brisbane, Gold Coast and Melbourne, Australia. As a company, we develop and produce our own content in-house, with a focus on unique and provoking creative content that meets market demand. Our partnership with sales & distribution powerhouse Organic Media Group enables our projects to travel globally and provides our team with direct incite and network to buyers and their mandates.


Red Empire Productions also actively partners with other production companies and creatives from a Co-Production and Executive Production standpoint. We are passionate about bringing value to promising, upcoming productions!

Contact us to learn more about:

  • Production & Co-Production Services

  • Content Development & Scripting Services

  • IP Diversification

  • Post-Production Services & Partnership Opportunities

  • Music & Podcast Creation Services

  • Our In-House Content Slate

  • Product Integration & Placement Services

  • Workshops

  • Ready For Market Consultations

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