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Lifting Kettlebells


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Follow the daily ins and outts of a small 24/7 gym and their staff as they attempt to make 'WTfitness' the powerhouse brand it 'could be', (emphasis on the could). 


A Rag tag group of employees face a time of uncertainty, having been shut down by the extended lockdowns that have wreaked havoc on the fitness industry, Julian organises a full staff meeting ahead of their grand reopening the next day. Apprehensive about his ability to rejuvenate WTFitness, Julian proceeds with the reopening under the intense pressure of the inept and ever ignorant Marcus (The son of the recently deceased founder Walter) and his spirited yet incompetent Sales Manager Simon.


However, it’s not long before and old foe, makes a very unwelcome arrival. Helen, Julian’s former Girlfriend, (and now new boss at rival, Punch Fitness) smells blood in the water and will stop at nothing to destroy any attempt at a resurgence of WTFitness by Julian and his team.


After capturing the heart of Marcus, (Julian’s new boss), Helen sets about undermining and cutting the team off at every turn. Unbeknownst to Marcus, who thinks he’s met the woman of his dreams, he is simply a pawn in a very twisted little game.


Things take a turn for the better at WTFitness as Helen’s attempts to destroy them have thus far proven unsuccessful. Julian and Melanie uncover a new side to their “professional” relationship. Katie’s life is quickly circling the drain as her long distance relationship capitulates. Ian’s quest to uncover the truth about Luke takes a bizarre turn and Greg bails the gang out of a tight squeeze. Julie’s past comes back to haunt her as an unexpected arrival stirs up old emotions. Luke and Alex’s budding romance continues to blossom, Marcus goes viral (finally!) and Simon inadvertently saves the day with the help from an unlikely ally. But before all is well in the WTFitness world, another twist is set to throw "the little gym that could” into another all out upheaval…

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